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Refund policy

STUDIOGEE's refund policy.

When will a refund take place?

If you pay through the website, you are through Buyer Protection covered.

With Buyer Protection, you can receive a refund if your order:

  • Totally does not match the description;
  • Never arrived;
  • Damaged during transport;
  • Will be canceled by STUDIOGEE.
  • Manually by you or STUDIOGEE. will be canceled provided it is not a custom order.

If a purchased item does not fit into your interior as expected, unfortunately you cannot get a refund. If you have ordered an item made especially for you, you cannot get a refund.

2 days to submit your complaint

When you cancel the order or if the order by STUDIOGEE. is canceled, you will automatically receive the refund minus the work done by STUDIOGEE. has already invested in making your personal order.

If you want to submit a complaint, send an email to Do this within the following period:

  • Within 2 days after your item has been delivered and you discover that the item is completely different than described, or if it is damaged.
  • Within 2 days after the item should have been delivered.
Return costs

Buyers pay return shipping costs unless otherwise agreed with STUDIOGEE. is agreed.

Return an item

If you contact STUDIOGEE. a refund, we can together make an agreement about the return date. As soon as STUDIOGEE. the item has been returned and inspected, the order can be canceled and the refund can be made.

How do you receive the refund?
iDEAL does not process refunds. If you have paid via iDEAL and you have not received the refund, please contact your bank.

You will receive the refund in the following way:

  • If you paid with a bank card, you will receive the refund within 5 working days
  • If you have paid with iDEAL, you will receive the refund on your account within 5 working days.
  • If you paid via PayPal, you will receive the refund within a few hours .